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By staff
Monday, Oct 21, 2013

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Senator-elect Cory Booker campaigned in Jersey City today with Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Barbara Buono and Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Milly Silva.

“We cannot let the party of tea undermine the nation of we” -- “We cannot let the right wing take us the wrong way” Booker told the crowd.

The event, held at the Bright Side Tavern in Jersey City, drew a crowd of about 100 enthusiastic Buono supporters.
The rally fell on the same day the Star-Ledger endorsed Christie “I am a little pissed about that” Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Milly Silva said referring to the endorsement.

The Star-Ledger headline reads “The Star-Ledger endorsement: Christie for governor” but the article reads more like a criticism than an endorsement:

“The surprise is that his achievements have been only modest. He signed an important reform to contain pension and health costs, but it was mostly done before he arrived. He signed a useful tenure reform last year, but it is a weak version that still protects bad teachers with seniority. His reorganization of the higher education system is promising, but untested.”

“Balance that against his measurable failures, and you have to conclude he is much better at politics than he is at governing.”

“His ego is entertaining, but it’s done damage as well. By removing two qualified justices from the Supreme Court without good cause, he threatened the independence of judges at all levels, and provoked a partisan stalemate that has left two vacant seats on the high court. This was a power grab gone wrong.”

“Our own view is that Christie is overrated. His spin is way ahead of his substance.”

The Star-Ledger also made direct attacks on Christie’s record:

“The property tax burden has grown sharply on his watch. He is hostile to low-income families, raising their tax burden and sabotaging efforts to build affordable housing. He’s been a catastrophe on the environment, draining $1 billion from clean energy funds and calling a cease-fire in the state’s fight against climate change.”

"The governor’s claim to have fixed the state’s budget is fraudulent. New Jersey’s credit rating has dropped during his term, reflecting Wall Street’s judgment that he has dug the hole even deeper. He has no plan to finance transit projects and open space purchases now that he has nearly drained the dedicated funds he inherited from Gov. Jon Corzine

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