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Friday, Jan 31, 2014

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In a letter released by his lawyer, David Wildstein, a high school friend of Christie who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge described the order to close the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order” and said “evidence exists” that Christie had knowledge of the lane closures.

“Mr. Wildstein contests the accuracy of various statements that the governor made about him, and he can prove the inaccuracy of some,” the letter added.

The letter was sent from Mr. Wildstein’s lawyer, Alan Zegas, to the Port Authority’s general counsel, contesting the agency’s decision over legal fees. The Port Authority has refused to pay legal costs associated with inquiries by the New Jersey Legislature and United States attorney into the lane closings.

In his two-hour news conference earlier this month, Mr. Christie said his friendship with Mr. Wildstein had been overstated and he did not recall Mr. Wildstein well and had rarely seen him in recent months.

Today, the Christie Administration released the following statement:
“Mr. Wildstein's lawyer confirms what the Governor has said all along - he had absolutely no prior knowledge of the lane closures before they happened and whatever Mr. Wildstein's motivations were for closing them to begin with.  As the Governor said in a December 13th press conference, he only first learned lanes were closed when it was reported by the press and as he said in his January 9th press conference, had no indication that this was anything other than a traffic study until he read otherwise the morning of January 8th. The Governor denies Mr. Wildstein's lawyer's other assertions.”

Read the full letter below:

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